Helping students participate in the life game!


Get Back in the Game ~ Fitness

  • Fitness ~ Honolulu Join Heart and Soul Community Services in our efforts to have our youth “Get Back In the Game!” Join us in raising funds to supply at risk, homeless and financially challenged youth with new athletic shoes. With the new shoes that these youth will receive they in fact will be able to “Get Back in the Game!”

Get Back in the Game ~ World Travel

  • Travel ~ Beyond Borders We form groups of 6 or more people (children) that are in school. We build bridges to assist youth in making the world a living classroom. Their desire to travel and want to experience the world is made possible with our partnership with EF (Education First). To make this a fun and realistic experience this program is for those who have not seen outside of their neighborhood or who desire to see more of the world in a safe environment.

Get Back in the Game ~ Student Interns

  • Student Internships ~ for High School Students This program is designed for students that desire to learn valuable online and offline business skills. Because of our worlds current work environment it is oftentimes difficult for students to  learn how to work in business prior to graduating high school. This program changes that problem. H&S creates opportunities for students to internship with businesses nationally. For a small monthly  fee businesses are able to tap into a large network of trained competent students excited to learn how to work. Businesses are awarded an army of students that are able to perform important online tasks (posting, editing, data entry, correcting, electronic filing, and etc.) 

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