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Student Internships

Why The Program

  • Our worlds current work environment is becoming more and more difficult for students (or anyone) to  learn how to work in business, in their physical body prior to graduating high school or trade school. Our internship program changes that problem. Heart and Soul creates opportunities or tasks for students to work in  the cloud. Because it’s becoming clear that most every business today needs an online presence of some sort. Yet many small business owners have become bewildered or bogged down at how to actually navigate and connect all the cloud based websites, social media sites, app’s, mobile app’s, tablet app’s that are available. Our cloud based internships seeks to change that and lend a helping hand to business owners nationwide.

Our focus

  • Our focus is to share, explain, guide, encourage, and expose our student interns to how online (cloud) – 2 – offline (brick and mortar) business actually connects  in today’s work environment.  Because so much technology has viral-ly taken over what use to be easy to find physical in store internship opportunities. Students use to be able to learn basic work skills, business ethics, tasks, people skills, and simple communication among humans. Not so anymore; not that way, things seem to have shifted into the cloud. And so it is here, where our program will start. We provide all the opportunities that once was available physically in a store has simply shifted (if we can say) into the cloud. Also the normal physical hurdles of physically being somewhere is becoming difficult to manage for parents, students and owners to keep pace. And most of all, the cost and lack of finances to train, employ, and teach students (anyone) is difficult. More and more opportunities for many students to actually internship at a small business physically is vanishing. Yet, after having been in our internship program we are sure the skills learned along with a list of training applications received along with a cloud mind set, will prove valuable to the student and to any small business owner.

For Students 

  • This program is designed for any student. As long you the student has the desire to learn valuable online and offline business skills, in an internship capacity online in the cloud.  Due to our worlds current work environment it’s becoming increasingly difficult for a student to  learn how to work in a physical brick and mortar business prior to graduating from high school. This program changes that problem. Heart and Soul is creating opportunities for you students to gain real world training online in the virtual cloud as interns with real businesses nationally. We are able provide you internship opportunities by you using the the electronic equipment you already have for example desk computers, laptops, mobile phones, smart phones, pad, tablets and etc. After we access your ability we structure skilled tasks from writing to proof, posting, data entry, researching, direct calls, EDM (Electronic Data Management), and a plethora of skilled abilities you will learn in the real world in any job.

For Businesses 

  • What Kind of Businesses do we look for? All types! Select business have joined with us (click here to see them)  in order to assist students with remedial tasks that businesses need done to help drive customers / clients to their business. We do not perform tasks for any MLM or Bait & Switch Scheme companies. We primarily seek offline brick and mortar business to perform tasks for. Our own program has a few online based business which tasks are done fo. Example: Marland Love’s Printing. All tasks are meticulously created in order for simple and easy application by the internship students to perform. Students may work with one sole business if there is a match of like interest by the the student and if the business requests such an intern. Otherwise we seek to train the student of an array of business allowing them to learn how different business perform. For a small monthly  fee, referral fee, or some percentage depending on what a businesses is able to help contribute to our core focus of our non-profit. Business are able to tap into a large network of trained competent students excited to learn how to work. Businesses are awarded an army of students that are able to perform important online tasks (posting, editing, data entry, correcting, electronic filing, and etc.) To learn more fill out the tab under this page titled: APPLY BUSINESS SHOWCASE and we will contact you immediately.

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