Helping students participate in the life game!



Can’t wait to venture back down to San Felipe, MX to dive with the students. 

blue sharks


Fun In Costa Rica

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Just hanging…


Travel ~ Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica

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Arenal Volcano ~ Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano—just outside La Fortuna, overlooking Lake Arenal—is Costa Rica’s most active volcano.

Dormant for more than 400 years before erupting in 1968, Arenal Volcano now has regular, minor eruptions daily. Volcanic activity—which can be safely observed from a distance—normally occurs every five to 45 minutes. The official Arenal site has a gallery of eruption photos and even a brief sound recording of an eruption.

The photo above was taken just last week on an EF tour by Lily J, who submitted it to the EF Tours group on Flickr.

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Photo: Lily J via Flickr


Marathon Training Long Runs
The long runs are designed to build your endurance. The first run will be a slow 3 miles, and we
will gradually increase the distance each week. If you are already running more than that, you may
continue with your current mileage for your long runs until we catch up with you. But try to join us for
all the group runs anyway; the group camaraderie is a major benefit of this program that will help you
get to the marathon. 

Here’s an important thing to remember on all your long runs; Forget about speed. The long runs
should be done at your “training pace”, not your “racing pace.” A training pace is at least two minutes
per mile slower than you are capable of running that distance. Running slowly bestows the same level
of endurance as running fast over the same distance. However, slow runs allow your body to recover
quickly and are less likely to result in injury.


Marathon runner Getting Back in the Game

Checking out the shirts

Getting ready to board.

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