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Getting Started

GETTING STARTED – What you will need

Running is a sport that requires very little equipment and relatively little expense. However, there are
a few essentials.

Running shoes: First and foremost, you’ll need a good pair of running shoes that are at least
a half size bigger than your dress shoes. We strongly recommend that you visit a specialized
running store where a trained salesperson can analyze your feet and evaluate your specific
• Water bottle: For your health and safety, we require all volunteers to carry a water bottle during
each group run. A water bottle is important because it allows you to hydrate continuously
throughout your run. We recommend that you purchase a bottle that is carried on a nylon belt
around your waist and is available at running stores. Be sure to get a water bottle belt that has
extra pockets to carry keys, money, and snacks.
• Running Apparel: As for running clothes, always go for comfort. For most runners, this will
mean clothes made of Cool Max or DriFIT. Materials of this type move moisture away from
the surface of your skin so that it can evaporate and keep you cool. You can find CoolMax or
DriFIT shirts, shorts, warm-ups, and socks at your local running store.
• Running Socks: Choose socks that are designed especially for running. If you are prone to
blisters, we recommend that you purchase double layer CoolMax socks. These socks reduce
the friction of your foot against the shoe and help prevent blisters.
• Skin Protection: Another product you will want to purchase is BodyGlide, which is designed
specifically for athletes to prevent chafing. Rubbing it on your feet and toes can help to prevent
blisters. Use it anywhere that chafing is a problem. Men will want to apply it to their nipples.
Sunscreen with at least 20SPF is also a good idea and is highly recommended.
• Running Watch: A watch with a variable interval timer is useful in maintaining your pace during
your individual mid-week runs. During the group runs on the weekend, your pace group leader
must wear such a watch in order to keep the training pace and run/walk ratio.

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