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The Challenge


The training program combines running with walk breaks to help you build endurance. We start you
out with a slow three-mile run and gradually increase the distance each week. At the end of each
group run, you’ll see your progress and you’ll really be able to appreciate how far you’ve come. Our
team consists of marathoners from all fitness levels. Whether you are a seasoned runner or have not
been involved in any type of physical training we have a pace group for you.

The Training Schedule
The schedule consists of three days of running each week: two running sessions of 30-45 minutes
on your own during the week, and a longer group run on Saturday mornings. In addition, walking or
cross training on alternate days is recommended and can enhance your marathon experience. In the
Appendix at the end of this handbook, you will find a chart that outlines the training schedule.

Six Principals to a Better Marathon:

  • Long Runs – build your endurance incrementally
  • Walk Breaks – allow you to go further less fatigue
  • Pace Groups – keep the run safe ad fun
  • Cross Training – makes you stronger and reduces your risk of injury
  • Fuel – is needed to keep your body going… proper nutrition and hydration are essential
  • Positive attitude – will help you achieve your goal

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